Climate Action & Sustainability Guidelines published for Enterprise

Jun 29, 2020


On 25 June 2020, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Richard Bruton, T.D. published the first set of new guidelines to help businesses in key sectors save money and minimise waste as they re-open.  Full guidelines will be published in the coming weeks so that enterprise can embed sustainability and climate action into their business, as they reopen after COVID-19. This first set of guidelines are aimed at supporting SMEs in the construction industry to embed sustainability as they re-open after COVID-19.

Minister Bruton said:  

“… These guidelines will not only help enterprise to embed sustainability across their business, making them more resilient in the long-term, but will also be helpful in showing how to keep costs down which will be crucial over the coming period.” 

Up to 80 per cent of a project's profit can be lost due to poor waste management and up to 17 per cent of profits can be lost due to poor energy use. These guidelines set out simple steps to help businesses save money by reducing water use, waste and energy, including install a thermostat in drying rooms to prevent overheating, reducing idling times of plant machinery to reduce excess fuel use and emissions, segregating and reducing waste and advice on take-back schemes.  


Minister Bruton said: 

“We have an opportunity now to embed good practices that will help sustain our recovery and our environment into the future. Doing business in a sustainable way is an investment in all our futures.”

"This approach will be a core part of the National Waste and Circular Economy Action Plan, which will be published shortly." 

The next guide due to publish in the series will provide support to the hospitality sector as it prepares to reopen. Tips on preventing food waste and saving water and energy will demonstrate how significant financial savings can be made by making small changes. Keep an eye on our Public Policy updates for the next guide.