Construction Worker Pension Scheme Letter of Compliance

Jun 18, 2019

Construction Worker Pension Scheme Letter of Compliance

As some members will be aware there have been some issues arising from the procedures issued by the Construction Workers Pensions Scheme ("CWPS") for applying for a Letter of Compliance from CWPS.

In 2014 CWPS agreed that if members find it more suitable to submit the P35 documents to the CWPS rather than an auditors’ letter then the CWPS will accept the P35 document as evidence of compliance in order to secure a Letter of Compliance from CWPS.

We have recently received confirmation that the position has changed.  P35s are no longer accepted under the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation, CWPS can no longer process any personal data contained within these documents.

Evidence of Compliance is a letter from an auditor or accountant confirming that all pension contributions for the previous tax year for all of your employees registered in CWPS have been paid in full to CWPS.

The link below sets out the rules regarding the letter.  Please note their requirements regarding disclaimers.  They have agreed that the following wording is acceptable and can be included on Auditor/Accountants letters. ,

 'This information is given in confidence for your private use only.  XXX Co accountants  neither owes nor accepts any duty to any other party and shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense of whatsoever nature which is caused by reliance on our report'