Coronavirus’ impact on auditing for 2019 year-ends and beyond

May 01, 2020

Analysis of guidance for European auditor published by Accountancy Europe

Measures taken to contain the coronavirus affect us all. This publication focuses on how this impacts businesses and the people that audit them. It aims to support European auditors in adapting their work to new circumstances in ongoing audits with 2019 year-ends and beyond. The factsheet highlights the following main matters for auditors to consider:

  • ·obtaining audit evidence
  • auditor’s assessment of going concern
  • auditor’s reporting

For more updates see Accountancy Europe’s Coronavirus resources for European accountants. Most of the matters in this publication apply also to audits with closing dates after 2019 and there is an additional overview with main matters for consideration specifically for audits with 2020 closing dates in development.

Download the factsheet here