COVID-19: Parliamentary Questions responses (ROI)

May 05, 2020

The Department of Finance has published the COVID-19 PQ responses to 27 April.  The information included in the responses may be helpful as you deal with the many complexities and issues arising from the impacts of COVID-19.  Particularly of note is the Minister for Finance’s responses to questions on the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme and tax measures to support businesses. 

The PQ responses 27 April (page 3) include the Minister’s statement on the maternity leave and access to the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme; the Minister states:

“…it follows that the TWSS can only operate in respect of an employee, whether full-time or part-time, who was on the payroll of the employer as at 29 February 2020. Thus, where an individual commenced a new employment after that date, or returned to the payroll of his or her employer after that date following a period of unpaid leave, whether maternity leave or otherwise, he or she does not meet the eligibility criteria with the employer as he or she would not have been on the employer’s payroll at that date.”

The same PQ responses (page 6) cover the position for late tax payments and any interest waiver from Revenue.  Many members contacted us querying the Revenue’s criteria for a SME and the availability of support for businesses that fall outside these criteria.  The Minister states:

“ Revenue’s definition of an SME for tax purposes is a business with an annual turnover of less than €3m and whose tax affairs are managed by its Business Division. Larger businesses are defined as those managed by its Large Corporates Division (LCD) and Medium Enterprise Division (MED).”

“The suspension of interest on late payment in respect of those VAT and PAYE (employer) periods is also available to larger businesses but is managed through direct engagement that optimises the good working relationships that exist between them and the relevant LCD or MED case managers.”

It may be worth the time reading through the PQ responses as many topics of interest and concern to members are covered.