CRSS claims portal now open

Nov 23, 2020

The claims portal for the Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS) opened last Tuesday, 17 November. Eligible businesses with an ‘active’ CRSS registration can now make claims via the eRepayments system in ROS. Eligible businesses entitled to make claims due to the impact of Level 3 restrictions have until Tuesday 8 December to make an initial claim.

The date from which a claim cam be made will be determined by the level of restrictions in place in the specific geographic location(s).

The legislation included in Finance Bill 2020 for the CRSS requires that a claim must be made no later than 8 weeks from the date that the claim period commences. For businesses with a claim period commencing on 13 October 2020, this 8-week timeframe will expire on 8 December 2020.

Revenue will make one payment in respect of the current restrictive period, which is expected to be paid within 3 days of a submission of a qualifying claim. If a business was affected by Level 3 restrictions announced in early October, one claim can be made for the 8-week period from 13 October to 1 December.

For future restricted periods, a business will need to reassess its eligibility for the scheme and once eligibility is satisfied the business can make a claim for the restrictive period, in blocks of up to 3 weeks.

The Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe, TD, welcomed the announcement of the opening of the CRSS claims portal. He stated:

“I’m encouraging all eligible businesses to submit their claim using the eRepayments system and ROS and if they have not already done so to register with Revenue on ROS so that they can participate in the scheme. Revenue has again proven to be highly responsive in putting arrangements in place so that qualifying businesses completing the claims process tomorrow will receive payment by the end of this week, giving them much needed support during this challenging time.”

Further information on the opening of the CRSS claims portal can be found on the Revenue website.