CRSS ‘Restart Week’ payment to assist businesses reopening

Nov 26, 2020

The Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe, TD, announced an enhancement to the Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS). This enhancement allows businesses to claim an additional one-week payment, to assist with the reopening of the business after the Covid restrictions period, where restrictions are in place for three weeks or more. The restart week payment will be paid to businesses the week after the restrictions are lifted. Claims for the restart week payment can be made through the existing two-step process on ROS; registering and completing a claim. Section 11 of Finance Bill 2020 will be amended to provide for the restart week payment.

The restart week payment is designed to take account of the additional costs a business may incur when reopening after restrictions are lifted.

Commenting on the enhancement to the CRSS in a press release, Minister Donohoe said;

“This will provide much needed funds to assist businesses in getting the doors back open so that they can do what they do best and begin trading again.”

In order to claim the restart week payment, the qualifying person must register for the CRSS on ROS and complete a claim in respect of the claim period. Revenue announced the opening of the CRSS registration facility on 3 November and the claims facility opened on 17 November. Over €45.5 million in payments have issued through the scheme already, with payments issuing 2-3 days after a valid claim has been made.  

Further information on the CRSS is available in the Revenue guidelines on the operation of the CRSS.