Current Market Summary and Effective Networking

Dec 07, 2018
Current Market Summary & Effective Networking :

Many of you reading this will be newly qualified ACA’s in 2019. 
Upon qualification 10 years ago I didn’t realise all the different and exciting options and avenues that are open to a fully qualified Chartered Accountant. You have been focusing on exams for several years now and are at a crossroads where it may be time to raise your head and take stock of your options deciding where you want all this hard work to lead.  
The good news is that there are literally dozens of avenues and directions you can take your upcoming ACA qualification in. You will soon be in possession of a prestigious Irish business qualification. Start exploring your options early and clarify where you want to go.

Overview of the current market in Ireland for newly qualified ACA’s : 
Brexit has been a good influence so far particularly on FS opportunities and all going well in the decision months ahead that should stay positive for Ireland.
Regional recruitment has been good in each of the provinces. In particular Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast have shown the best recovery.  Dublin is still outperforming the others in terms of number and variety of opportunities but the other counties are certainly not far behind.
Roles that are currently in vogue include statutory and analytical positions and if you are making your first move out of practice the type of organisation you join will likely align with your current client base and whether you audit banks, PLC’s, SME’s or funds for example. 
Currently the buoyant sectors are typically Pharma, Technology, Fin Tech, Food, FMCG, Hospitality, Not for profit, Construction.  You may also find the website useful as you review your options. 

In the longer term view, Networking is an essential activity for career success!  It's the weekly gym routine that strengthens your long term Career marathon performance. The strongest networkers are typically those that are passionate about their chosen career path. 
Once you have an idea of the direction of your career now you can start networking effectively in that space. It's never too early to start. Ireland has always been associated with warm connections and introductions and 3° degrees of separation. It’s essential you don't leave it too late though!  The more senior you become the more reliant you are on your personal network. 

Use your Institute -  the Young Professionals, District Societies, CPD courses.
Young ACA’s are playing key roles in the Junior Chamber of Commerce Ireland with amazing events and speakers.
Be active in your clubs, hobbies, sports networks, charities, and make sure people know what you do professionally!
If you value a particular persons experience and advice why not ask them to be your Mentor ?  The Institute also offer a Career Mentor Service and we too can connect you with a mentor once qualified. 

Social Media has its place in good networking and just a quick mention that it is essential that you have your LinkedIn profile up to date. Use keywords in your details, join relevant LinkedIn groups, connect to your peers via polite introduction messages and build that online network.

Ciara Tallon and I are very much looking forward to partnering with you as you move through each step in your Career Pathway in the years ahead and don’t hesitate to connect with us in 2019!  

Dave Riordan (ACA) 
Recruitment Specialist 
& Career Coach
01-6377251 / 0879674285