eCG50 - Multiple vendors

Mar 08, 2021

Revenue has proposed a number of solutions for issues identified in relation to multiple vendors and the eCG50 system.

The issues that have been identified are as follows:

  1. Agents/solicitors must be linked to all vendors
  2. All vendors must be registered for CGT
  3. Payments made should be done under one vendor rather than shared (While this issue is uncommon, nonetheless it exists – if multiple vendors are making multiple separate CGT payments in separate ROS accounts, the eCG50 system cannot track and verify the sum of all payments.)

Item 1: It is proposed that a function will be added to the TAIN cert giving the ability to create a resident or non-resident individual with solely a CGT registration. This function will make it easier for agents/solicitors to link to their clients. This functionality is due to go live in June.

Item 2: It proposed to deal with this issue by allowing everyone access to the system irrespective of their registrations and then doing a verification check on their CGT registration during the application. If the CGT registration check is returned false an error screen will be presented requesting that they register for CGT (in eReg) and then come back and the application is halted at this stage. The CGT registration in eReg is straight forward so this shouldn’t be a big issue. This should be live by April.