European elections: the story so far

May 27, 2019

Counting continues across the EU today in the European Parliament elections and the results so far reflect a boost for Green and far right parties with centrist groups suffering.  

With counting reaching a conclusion in the UK, Nigel Farage’s new pro-Brexit Party is the big winner so far in the European Parliament elections taking around 40 percent of the vote, followed closely by the pro-European Liberal Democrats.  It was a difficult election for the Conservative and Labour parties with the Tories taking less than 10 percent of the vote; its lowest result since 1832.  With both pro and anti-Brexit parties topping the polls in the UK, these results might be a reflection of just how tight a second Brexit referendum result could be.

In Ireland counting continues today and we will provide an analysis of the results in Friday’s eNews.  

Across the EU, after voter decline in recent years, it’s being reported that turnout is the highest in 20 years.  So far, the results look as though the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP) and centre-left Socialists and Democrats (the S&D) parties in the Parliament have lost their combined majority as Greens, liberals and nationalists see an increase in support.  It’s expected that pro-EU parties will still hold a majority of seats, despite the rise in support for populist and far-right parties.