Five global organisations announce shared vision for sustainability and integrated reporting

Sep 11, 2020


CDP, CDSB, GRI, IIRC and SASB have announced a statement of intent to work together, based on a shared vision of the elements necessary for more comprehensive corporate reporting. These five organisations guide the overwhelming majority of quantitative and qualitative sustainability disclosures today, and provide the integrated reporting framework that connects sustainability disclosure to reporting on financial and other capitals.

This commitment comes at a pivotal moment for progress towards a globally coherent solution for sustainability disclosure standards. Climate change, the global pandemic, and the increasingly clear connection between sustainability performance and financial risk and return are driving the urgency.

The paper addresses the complexity surrounding sustainability disclosure and outlines a shared vision of standard-setting that enables companies to collect information about performance on a given sustainability topic once, but provide relevant information to different users through appropriate communication channels. It also describes the role of taxonomies and technology to enable sustainability-related data to be structured for sharing and comparison, as well as the importance of a publicly available data platform to democratise access to this information as a public good.

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