Five things you need to know about tax, 21 December 2018

Dec 20, 2018

Read about the resources available to help with the transition to PAYE Modernisation, HMRC’s decision to prioritise Brexit when it comes to IT delivery and how 16,000 rulings have been swapped under BEPS exchange of information.      


  1. As we approach the launch date for PAYE Modernisation, we would like to remind readers about a number of resources that are available to help them with the transition.  Read more
  2. Revenue have underwent a reorganisation and gave a presentation on this matter recently at Main TALC.  Read more



  3. HMRC have decided to slow the IT delivery of some elements of MTD for income tax and corporation tax in order to allow more IT resources to be dedicated to Brexit.  Read more
  4. In a recent press release, HMRC have set out how easy it is for employees to claim back tax relief for work expenses online, rather than using agencies to do so



  5. 16,000 rulings swapped under BEPS exchange of information.  Read more