General Election 2020 Bulletin, 10 February 2020

Feb 10, 2020

With the first preference count having taken place in all 39 counties, the second and third vote count for the Irish General Election 2020 are currently underway. With more than half of seats filled in the 33rd Dáil, read our election update as of 1pm on 10 February 2020 for a quick look at the results so far.  


Is the vote count still on? 

The final vote count from the General Election 2020 is currently underway. With the first preference count having taken place in all 39 constituencies, the second and third counts are currently taking place (as at 10 February 2020). With over 3.4 million citizens eligible to vote in the General Election 2020, the election saw a voter turnout of 62.9 per cent to vote for 515 candidates running in 39 constituencies. As each constituency has a specific number of seats that need to be filled, those seats will make up the 33rd Dáil. Ultimately, a party needs to win 80 seats to achieve the majority. 


What does the exit poll say? 

A historic election in many ways, the change in peoples’ opinions has been highlighted by their voting pattern. According to an exit poll conducted by Ipsos/MRBI, party policies and opinions on issues of Health (32 per cent) and Housing/Homelessness (26 per cent) were the top deciding factors for the many people voting. Following shortly behind were Pension Age (8 per cent), Climate Change and Jobs (6 per cent each), and Taxation (4 per cent). With the poll result based on the responses of more than 5,000 people at 250 polling stations across the country immediately after they voted, the exit poll suggests that only one per cent of respondents were concerned about the issue of Brexit.  

With 84/160 seats filled currently, we’ve provided readers with a summary of the current seat allocation, and the change in first preference votes since the last General Election held in 2016.   

Political Party

No. of seats in GE 2020

% of 1st Preference Vote (39/39 1st counts)in GE 2020

% Share - Change since GE 2016

Fine Gael
















Green Party




Social Democrats








Table 1: Figures taken from RTÉ 


Where can I see live updates? 

You can view live updates on the election results in real time on the RTE Election 2020 page, and live updates from your constituency on the RTE website. You can also look back on our summary of the key commercial elements of the contending party manifestos.