Glennon Multi-Car Insurance Scheme

Jul 09, 2020

At the LCSA we would like to update our members with regard to the solutions that Glennons have in place to insure the cars of family members, including young drivers. This scheme has received fantastic feedback in relation to the exclusive savings and benefits that have been provided since it was introduced. 

Having recognised the difficulty in obtaining Car Insurance where there are multiple vehicles in the family, and in particular the high cost associated with young drivers, Glennon have arranged an Exclusive Family Multi-Car Insurance policy for Chartered Accountants Ireland members.

This policy provides excellent policy benefits together with significant premium discounts for households with more than two cars in the family and can cater for the following:

  • Cover for your children’s cars whilst residing with you or studying away from home
  • Facilities to add your children or au pair as named drivers to your own cars
  • Luxury, High Performance or Classic Cars
  • Cars registered in a company name
  • Discounts for multiple cars on a single policy

Please see an example below of the savings that have been achieved.

Total Savings Produced for the member was €3,010

Glennon Family Multi-Car Policy with:

  • 4 Cars (BMW X5, Mercedes C220, Mini Cooper and Volkswagen Polo)
  • 4 Drivers aged 57, 53, 24 and 21 years old.
  • The Standard Premium Based on 4 individual policies was €7,050
  • The Premium on the Glennon Multi-Car Policy was €4,040.

To qualify for this policy the primary car must be valued in excess of €30,000 when new and is subject to eligibility criteria being met.

Brendan, Chartered Accountant, Glennon Multi-Car Policy Client
“Glennon Insurance have been my motor and home insurance broker for 30 years, providing a professional, competitive and personalised service. 
But recently I presented the real challenge. We went from a standard two car quote with two named drivers to needing insurance cover on three cars with two adult drivers and three young drivers aged 18, 20 and 22 with minimum no claims bonus or driving experience. In addition one of our children’s polices needed to be in their own name. 
But Glennon had the solution. Their multi-Car Family policy with Chubb offered a very competitive quote, much better than anything I could find in the market (and I tried!). 
The policy was flexible and they also facilitated the cancellation and refunds of our existing polices on the new policy date. It was simply great that Glennon had the foresight to introduce a product that meets the family needs of their clients. I have since recommended the products to neighbours and friends and will continue to do so”

In order to obtain a quotation contact Glennon’s dedicated Multi-Car team on 01 7075955 or visit Glennons website if you would like more information.

Frank Glennon Limited, trading as “Glennon” and “Glennon Insurances”, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.