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Nov 30, 2020

Chartered Accountants joining Healy Consultants Group plc can look forward to a rewarding career with a dynamic and fast-growing e-commerce business, serving multinational clients in every country on the planet.

Established in 2003 by Irish Chartered Accountant, Aidan Healy, Healy Consultants Group plc is a Singapore-headquartered corporate services firm supplying business set-up services to multinational clients from offices in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Healy Consultants Group plc’s professional services include:

  1. Global company incorporation;
  2. International legal, accounting and tax;
  3. Corporate banking strategies;
  4. Financial services support; and
  5. International trading strategies.

In 2020 alone, the firm worked on complex client engagements in Ghana, Israel, Brazil, USA, Australia, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Morocco.

Healy Consultants Group plc’s multinational clients include the Big Four accountancy firms, listed companies from all continents, and SMEs across every sector from every country on the planet.

High professional standards matter to Healy Consultants Group plc staff and its multinational clients. “To attract quality multinational clients, we apply high know your customer (KYC) due diligence standards,” says business owner and chairman, Aidan Healy. “In 2019, we were recognised by the Singapore Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) for applying the highest anti-money laundering (AML) and KYC standards in the country.”

Having grown strongly in the run-up to the global financial crisis of 2008, the company has since embarked on an ambitious strategy to expand its global footprint. “To elevate the company to the next level, we boldly placed a new logo on the website homepage – the best in the world at business set-up in every country on the planet,” says Healy. “This small step made the biggest change to the business because it announced the company vision to the public. This public statement raised the professional standards of all staff and forced even more accountability from staff to multinational clients.

In response to multinational clients’ demands, new products and services were launched during this period to reflect the growing digitalisation of the global economy. These services included cryptocurrency business set-up services, buying and selling banks, and the registration of international financial services entities.

“It was exciting for staff during this time to complete business set-up in unfamiliar countries including Argentina, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Oman, Iceland, Mexico, Belarus, and so on,” Healy adds.

Like every other business on the planet, Healy Consultants Group plc has felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We felt the first effects in March,” Healy notes. “Client enquiries slowed, and some existing engagements paused. Our international staff were forced to work from home. However, despite the economic fallout from the pandemic, our business remains steady. We are being engaged for interesting and complex engagements around the world, and we are now planning for our next phase of expansion, which will require additional knowledge, skills and human resources.”

The firm is on a constant recruitment drive in any case. “We are always looking for high calibre, ambitious and driven individuals to add value to our business and be part of our corporate evolution. Despite the global depression and virus challenges, our e-commerce firm is experiencing a period of rapid growth. Our future success depends on recruiting the best quality employees for our offices in Singapore, Dubai and Malaysia.”

People joining the firm will enjoy a competitive salary plus benefits, career stability, opportunities to grow and manage a team, and the opportunity to work with international teams with diverse, multinational employees, Healy points out. “They will also get the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, challenging, established yet youthful and growing e-commerce firm with high professional standards, friendly and supportive work environments and one of the best work-life balances in the industry.”

According to Healy, the firm’s diverse culture will suit someone with a global mindset. “It will suit someone inquisitive, culturally sensitive, and who enjoys pushing the envelope of their own skills and experience. Young, competent accountants will also find rapid career advancement opportunities and could quickly find themselves in supervisory roles. There are opportunities for staff to transfer between our Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai offices, increasing their exposure to different work cultures and operating environments.”

The lifestyle is also attractive. “Staff joining our Dubai office, in particular, will get to live in an exciting, dynamic, multinational and multicultural city with great weather and myriad travel opportunities – once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, of course,” Healy remarks. “In our experience, having work experience in a global hub like Singapore or Dubai is invaluable for any CV. Many of our clients engage us to maintain their global companies annually, so there is an opportunity for our accountants to work on interesting engagements in jurisdictions around the world.”

Healy believes the firm stands out due to several key differentiators. “We’re different for many reasons, including our ability to complete complex engagements in every country in the world by providing solutions to the inevitable challenges that occur along the way. Our transparent way of doing business means we keep clients regularly informed every week on how the engagement is progressing, including the challenges we encountered and solutions we propose to overcome the challenges. Another reason is the excellent relationships we enjoy with regulatory authorities, governments and banks around the world, which enables us to anticipate problems and devise solutions for our clients. The calibre of our employees, who have what it takes to understand our clients’ businesses and provide simple, practical solutions for them, is also very important. And then there is the calibre of our global network of partners and suppliers, with whom we have forged excellent relationships and who work tirelessly on behalf of our clients.”

The overall approach is to put client needs front and centre at all times. “We sell solutions and our experience, not just products and services,” he says. “We will be open and honest with our client to meet their long-term business goals.”

Looking to the future, Healy points out that the firm published its long-term strategic goals earlier this year. “The focus is on continuous innovation and differentiation,” he adds. “Among our stated goals are to have the best website in the world in our industry; to make our firm an even better place to work; to be surrounded by large, high-quality multinational clients including being the preferred supplier of the Big Four; to further build global awareness of our brand, including being a thought leader in our industry; to dominate Google and Chinese search engines; to open more international offices, including having fully-fledged offices in the USA and Europe; and to be acquired by a bigger firm in the long-term. Our overriding objective remains to work hard, enjoy what we do, and serve our multinational clients with honour, integrity and transparency.”

For more information about opportunities with Healy Consultants, contact Mark Lazell at marklazell@healyconsultants.com or visit www.healyconsultants.com/about-us/careers/

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