Grants available for investments in energy efficiency

Feb 22, 2021

Are you looking to make a major investment in energy efficiency in 2021? SEAI have announced that it is offering up to €1million in grant support per project. 

The EXEED Grant is now open for 2021 with Government funding of €14 million available for businesses. The grant is suitable for organisations who are planning an energy investment project and are willing to follow the EXEED Certified standard for Excellence in Energy Efficient Design.

Recent recipients of SEAI EXEED support include:

  • Aurivo Consumer Foods in Donegal who got SEAI EXEED certification following the installation of a heat recovery system for their milk pasteurisation process which reduced CO2 emissions by 85%.
  • Johnson & Johnson Vision Care in Co. Limerick, who achieved SEAI EXEED certification for a new gym and medical building, where improved insulation and air handling units with heat recovery were installed, making the facility 25% more efficient.

To express your interest and have a member of the SEAI team contact you, please complete this short questionnaire.

For all other queries email