How does your defined contribution pension plan compare? (Sponsored)

Nov 14, 2019

Does your firm provide pension benefits for your employees via a defined contribution (DC) pension plan? Do you ever wonder how your DC pension plan compares with what's happening generally in the market? Well, now you have the opportunity to obtain an answer to that question!

DC pensions are going through a period of enormous change. Trustees and employers are dealing with challenging and competing priorities when it comes to providing well-managed plans and delivering better pension outcomes for their members.

To help you understand how DC pension plans are responding to this period of change, and to better understand the types of benefits that are being provided and considered, Aon is running a DC survey, seeking the views of sponsors and trustees of DC schemes of all sizes.

This survey is a follow up to previous surveys Aon has conducted in the market and so it is in an ideal position to track and quantify the various trends and provide appropriate commentary.

The results of this survey will provide:

  • a unique authoritative view on the market;
  • commentary on key developments and trends; and
  • discuss the current thinking around relevant issues surrounding the evolving DC landscape in Ireland.

Aon has extended an invite to all Chartered Accountants Ireland members to participate in the survey. Participants in the survey will receive a free copy of the results allowing you to benchmark your own DC plan against the market.

The survey is open until 29 November and can be accessed by clicking here.

Aon recommends that if you are completing the survey, you should have the member booklet, last Trustee Annual Report, along with the investment options guide open as you will need to obtain some information from these documents.

(This article is sponsored by Aon.)