In the media, 20 July 2020

Jul 20, 2020

In his regular column in the Business Post, Dr Brian Keegan sets out why the European Commission have nothing to gain by pursuing an appeal of the recent Apple judgement.

In his column in the Irish Examiner, Dr Keegan makes the case for tax supports for the hospitality sector which has to date missed out on the essential support of the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme.

Following the release of the Next Financial Year position paper, and CCAB-I’s Pre-Budget submission, Professional Tax Leader, Norah Collender’s comments were also featured in a Business Post article discussing the need for clarity on tax obligations of cross-border workers in a Covid-19 working environment.

On  Brexit matters, in his article for the Business Post, Dr Keegan highlights the impending threat of Brexit following COVID-19, and how it is more important than ever for businesses to start preparing for it. You can also listen back to his insights on COVID-19 and the Brexit impact on Northern Ireland on BBC Radio Foyle.

You can also take a look at the media coverage of some of the Institute’s activities last week (13 July – 17 July 2020), covering:

  • The Next Financial Year: Making Irish Business More Competitive paper
  • The Big Tech Show – Dr Brian Keegan in conversation with the Independent’s Adrian Weckler
  • Dr Brian Keegan’s statement on the Apple and Ireland vs European Commission ruling


The Next Financial Year: Making Irish Business More Competitive

Today, Chartered Accountants Ireland launches a new position paper “The Next Financial Year: Making Irish Business More Competitive”. Informed by the problems of members/member firms across the island of Ireland in handling COVID-19 it proposes how government can help create a better business environment to boost employment and the economies on the island of Ireland.

You can read and download the full position paper here. Take a look at some of our press coverage below:


The Big Tech Show

You can listen to Dr Brian Keegan, Director of Advocacy and Voice in conversation with Adrian Weckler, Technology Editor of the Irish/Sunday Independent on The Big Tech Show, as they discuss Apple’s €13 billion tax win against the European Commission.


Apple and Ireland win appeal against the European Commission’s €13 billion tax ruling

In light of this week’s decision by the General Court of the European Union to annul the decision taken by the European Commission that Ireland must collect €13 billion in unpaid taxes from Apple Inc., Dr Brian Keegan has released a statement saying: “Positive European Court decision should curtail EU Commission posturing on State Aid”. This statement has since garnered significant media coverage in news and broadcast sources.




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    Soundbite from Brian Keegan

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    Interview with Brian Keegan

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