Income Tax ‘Early filer’ letter

Sep 09, 2019

Revenue tell us that they will be writing to taxpayers who were sent a paper Form 11 to advise them that if the paper return is filed before end-September Revenue will calculate the self-assessment.  Revenue has provided us with a sample of the letter text. 

The sample text as provided by Revenue is as follows:

2018 Income Tax Return

Dear [First Name]

According to our records, as of the end of August you have not filed your 2018 Income Tax return. You do not need to do anything if you have already either:

  • submitted your 2018 return in the last few weeks, or
  • made arrangements to have your return completed and filed on your behalf.

This letter is to remind you that when completing your tax return, you must calculate your own tax, USC and PRSI liability and make your self-assessment for the year 2018.

The benefit of early filing

If you complete and submit your tax return on or before 30 September 2019, you will not have to calculate your liability nor complete the self-assessment section. Revenue will make your self-assessment for you.

Early filing of your 2018 tax return does not mean you pay any liability earlier. You will still have until 31 October 2019 to pay any balance of tax due for 2018 and your preliminary tax for 2019.

The benefit of filing through ROS

If you file your tax return through the Revenue Online Service (ROS):

  • the deadline to file your return and pay and tax due is extended to 12 November 2019, and
  • your income tax, USC and PRSI liability will be calculated for you.

You can register for ROS via If you are considering filing online, you should register for ROS as soon as possible.

More information on your obligations can be found on, please select Self-assessment and self-employment / Filing your tax return.

Yours faithfully

District Manager