Institute’s response to OECD’s Consultation for a ‘Unified Approach’ under Pillar One

Nov 18, 2019

Last week, under the auspices of CCAB-I, the Institute responded to the OECD Secretariat’s proposal for a ‘Unified Approach’ to taxing the digital economy under Pillar One. In our response we called for:

  • clarification on scope and thresholds,
  • profit allocation to also benefit countries with smaller economies,
  • for consideration to be given to losses, and
  • for the implementation of binding and effective dispute resolution mechanisms.

The Institute will be attending the public stakeholder meeting at the OECD headquarters later this week where we will be representing members views.

In tax news last week we told you about the OECD Secretariat proposals on Pillar Two, which is consulting on specific technical issues of the Global Anti-Base Erosion (GLoBE) proposal. Under the auspices of CCAB-I the Institute will also be responding to this consultation. The consultation period closes on 2 December 2019. We would be interested in hearing your views on these proposals, please send these to .