International Women’s Day at Chartered Accountants Ireland

Mar 11, 2019

NEWS BODY - International Womens Day 2019-min

Forty-five of us in Chartered Accountants Ireland and Accounting Technicians Ireland participated in our inaugural International Women's Day (IWD) staff event this morning. Thanks also to Karin Lanigan, Gillian Duffy and Amy Dawson for speaking, and to the many organisers who put the event together. Special mention for Akriti for the sticker idea (you had to be there…).

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Karin Lanigan, Manager, Career Development & Recruitment Service Chartered Accountants Ireland, shared her top 10 career tips for women at our IWD 2019 staff event. Gillian Duffy and Amy Dawson also shared their top tips for getting the most out of your lunch break at work.

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