iXBRL financial statements updates

Mar 02, 2020

Revenue have added guidance for companies that have applied for voluntary strike off to their iXBRL Tax and Duty Manual.  Guidance on changing accounting periods and filing requirements for short and long accounting periods is also amended for clarity.    

Section 1.3.3 has been added to the manual to cover the cases where a company has applied for voluntary strike off.  The manual notes that if a company has ceased to trade, or has never traded, and has no outstanding creditors, it can request that the Registrar strike off the company. Companies in this situation whose tax affairs are dealt with in Revenue’s Large Corporates Division (LCD) are obliged to submit a Detailed Profit and Loss account and Statement of Financial Position/Balance Sheet in iXBRL format. 

Section 6.1 is amended to clarify the requirements when there is a change in accounting period.  6.1.2 covers the iXBRL filing requirements where a company has a long or short accounting period.