Job retention scheme 30 November deadline for periods up to 31 October 2020

Nov 16, 2020

HMRC has confirmed that, despite the job retention scheme extension to 31 March 2021, the deadline for submitting claims for periods that ended on or before 31 October is still 30 November 2020. Underclaims for periods up to and including 31 October must also be corrected by the same date.

Readers are reminded that a different time limits applies where an employer needs to correct an overclaim. This must be done within 90 days of Royal Assent to Finance Act 2020 (22 July 2020) or 90 days of receipt of the grant, whichever is the later.

Failure to notify HMRC of an overpaid grant may result in the imposition of interest and a penalty as well as repaying the excess grant. Amounts still due to HMRC will then be recovered through a special income tax charge on the employer.

Guidance on how to pay all or some of your grant back if you’ve overclaimed, or if you do not need the grant and want to make a voluntary repayment is also available.