Keep an open mind.

Mar 06, 2019

“Financial Analyst /Exciting project role”

If there was a response that I hear most often from newly qualified members when I ask them what role they would like as they qualify it is that of “Financial Analyst “ or an “Exciting Project Role”.

And the role that I least see from employers is the financial analyst or exciting project role, that’s not to say that they aren’t out there, but not in the volume that candidates expect them to be.

What we see nine times out of ten are financial accountant roles particularly at the newly qualified level in really interesting SME’s or dynamic Plc’s.

So what are the options? Firstly it’s about playing the end game:

  • what do I want to achieve
  • where do I see myself
  • what’s my time frame
  • what are my skills and strengths
  • what skills do I want to utilise
  • what am I missing (identify the gap)

Then spend some time reviewing the market, and try to identify a few things:

  • who is hiring – what sector are they in
  • what roles are they looking to fill
  • how often are you seeing this role advertised (look out for high turnover)
  • what roles do you not see advertised
  • what skills are they looking for from potential candidates

What does it all mean? 

Being informed as to what the market is offering helps when planning your career strategy but it can also help to manage expectations in terms of how realistic that is. You may find that there is a mismatch between what you think should be available and what the reality is. 

So what do you do when the role you want isn’t available, do you sit tight and hope that it comes along within a certain time frame or can you create the role for yourself? In order to help the process it can often be helpful to identify the organisation or sector that you’d like to work in or at least gain some experience in.

After that, keep an eye on that company, is there potential to use it as a stepping stone to the dream job? For example if there is a financial accountant role can you use that to get a foot in the door, gain organisational experience and identify where you can grow and develop a foothold in the planning and analysis area that you want to be in?  Likewise you may see half accounting/half analysis roles; these are worth considering particularly as you start out on your career and will benefit from as much broad experience as possible.

The key to success is being open to opportunities and new experiences, there are lots of them out there for ambitious Chartered Accountants – enjoy the journey!