Letters sent to taxpayers eligible for VAT and Employer PAYE tax debt warehousing

Nov 23, 2020

Revenue issued letters to 100,000 taxpayers last week confirming their tax debts, totalling €2.2 billion, are eligible for warehousing. As noted in Tax News last week, these letters take two formats. One detailing that all is in order, another detailing outstanding information which needs to be provided to Revenue within 28 days. We understand that outstanding information includes statistical returns such as the Form 46G and the Return of Trading Details, which Revenue are now requesting to be filed by taxpayers seeking to access the Debt Warehousing Scheme.

Businesses who have not received a letter and who wish to avail of the Debt Warehousing Scheme are advised to contact the Collector-General’s office to apply for the scheme. Revenue is reminding businesses and self-assessed taxpayers it is possible to warehouse VAT, PAYE, TWSS and income tax debts where the relevant eligibility criteria is met.

Further information is available in the Revenue press release.