List of essential service providers under new public health guidelines: Update on work and travel restrictions

Mar 30, 2020


The Government of Ireland has imposed far reaching restrictions on work and travel to as part or measures to restrict the spread of COVID-19. Members in the Republic of Ireland should read and familiarise themselves with government announcements regarding the measures. A list of essential services was published by the Department of the Taoiseach on 28 March, which includes references to accountancy, payroll and payment, and data processing services. Links can be found below.


Accordingly, we are recommending to members where possible;


  • In the first instance, members should note that that they, and where relevant their employees, must work from home if at all possible.


  • Members in an employer or practitioner capacity should consider whether some or all of their business or practice cannot be conducted from home and is considered essential under the guidelines below. In this case, then where possible, members should compartmentalise the operations of the business or practice between those parts which should be operated from home, those which should be discontinued, and those parts which should remain open because they are an essential service. We would appeal to all our members to respect the spirit of the measures which is to limit travel and work contacts to the absolute minimum.


  • The guidelines include a grace period until 6pm on 30 March 2020 for the necessary arrangements to be made. Therefore, members in an employer capacity should ensure that they communicate promptly with all employees regarding their decision and policies regarding opening of the business and remote working. Administrative requirements such as the provision of letters to employees should be attended to by the end of the grace period, and guidance is given in the attached link.


  • This is a rapidly evolving situation and further guidance may be issued by the Government over the coming days.

Important links:

New Public Health Measures effective now to prevent further spread of COVID-19 (28 March 2020)



List of essential service providers under new public health guidelines (28 March 2020), which includes references to accountancy, payroll and payment and data processing services