London Society of Chartered Accountants calls for unity in the profession in the face of Brexit

Dec 10, 2018

Chartered Accountants Ireland London Society Vice Chair and Council Member Peter Gavaghan called for continued unity amongst the Accountancy Profession in UK and Ireland as Brexit approaches.

A potential no deal scenario grows in probability ahead of Prime Minister May’s Parliamentary vote on Tuesday.  At the 9th Annual Chartered Accountants Ireland London Society lunch, Mr Gavaghan outlined to the 100 local members, the tireless co-operation that has existed with the Chartered bodies before Brexit in London and indeed the step change in co-operation across CCAB bodies in the UK and Ireland since the referendum result.  He referenced the definitive guide to Brexit ‘Taking the Lead: Chartered Accountants and Brexit’, recently published by Chartered Accountants Ireland and ICAEW as one of many tangible examples.  He called on this co-operation to not only continue in the face of Brexit, but to continue to be extended to other critical areas impacting the profession including:

  • increasing scrutiny on audit;
  • technological disruption and keeping members skills up to date; and
  • recruiting the best and the brightest into the profession in the future. 

 As 2018 comes to a close and the unknown that will be 2019 approaches, it is imperative that we recognise that Chartered Accountants Ireland will not exist in isolation and we must seek to identify and maximise benefits derived from co-operation with other Accountancy Bodies close to home and not so close to home.  Our greatest asset in this regard is our members and their networks across the globe, which must be utilised to the maximum benefit. Attendees at the London Society event included: Former Irish rugby international Paul Wallace, Institute Immediate past President Shauna Greely, London Society Vice chair Peter Gavagan and Institute Director of Public Policy and Taxation, Brian Keegan.