Model rules for reporting in the sharing and gig economy

Jul 06, 2020

The OECD has released a new global tax reporting framework, the Model Rules for Reporting by Platform Operators with respect to Sellers in the Sharing and Gig Economy ("MRDP"). Under the MRDP, digital platforms are required to collect information on the income earned by those offering accommodation, transport, and personal services through platforms and to report the information to tax authorities. 

According to the OECD, the MRDP are designed to help taxpayers comply with their tax obligations, while ensuring a level-playing field with traditional businesses, in key sectors of the sharing and gig economy. They seek to avoid a proliferation of different and unilateral reporting regimes, allow for the use of technology solutions and help create a sustainable environment supporting the growth of the digital economy. 

For more information read the OECD’s update.