Northern Ireland: Guidance published on workplace safety and priority sectors

Apr 20, 2020

The Northern Ireland Department for the Economy has published guidance on making workplaces safer and a list of priority sectors during the current coronavirus crisis.

A Practical Guide To Making Workplaces Safer sets out principles and practical steps for employers and employees to keep themselves and their workplaces safe. The guidance has sections on public health guidelines, safer work practices, mental health and wellbeing, and further help and information. It also highlights the steps to be followed if employers and employees are concerned about safety. (Note: the guide is intended to be universal and does not replace existing legislation or industry-specific guidance.)

The guide is accompanied by a 'priority sectors list', an advisory list of priority business sectors, aiming to clarify what constitutes a priority sector at this time, and to support companies to continue their business operations if they can work within social distancing guidelines. The list drawn up by the Engagement Forum on COVID-19 with representatives from business organisations, trade unions, local councils, government, the Health and Safety Executive NI, Public Health Agency and Food Standards Agency.