Now is the time to move to the cloud (Sponsored)

Jun 03, 2020

Most accountants understand the benefits of moving their practice to the cloud but are still a bit nervous about the idea. With the technologies out there, it can seem overwhelming, but the key is to migrate in small steps. Running an office remotely is the new norm and we all need to find a way to make it work; the answer is the cloud.

There are several key benefits to moving to the cloud and steps you can follow to become a digital firm.

Why the cloud?

  1. You and your clients can access their financial data anywhere and anytime.
  2. There is just one source of financial data.
  3. It is much more cost effective than traditional accounting programs.
  4. You can access a variety of fully integrated value-add services.

Roadmap to the cloud

  1. Choose the right accounting software for your firm and your clients. (QuickBooks Online is versatile and extremely user friendly.)
  2. Evaluate what apps you will add on to make your firm digital. (OneDrive, Slack and Zoom are some examples.)
  3. Create a document and a checklist on what you are trying to accomplish by moving to the cloud.
  4. Change company culture.
  5. Train your staff and clients on your chosen app-stack.
  6. Identify a Cloud Champion in your firm.
  7. Choose the right time to move to the cloud.
  8. Choose value-added services to integrate into the accounting software.

It’s all possible with the cloud

“At our firm, Ecomm Accounting Solutions, we started early and adopted cloud accounting in 2013 when it was still new and growing. We had conversations with all our clients to explain the benefits. If a client was not a great fit, we let them go. It was a tough decision to make, but we benefited from it later as we could take on new clients who were serious about the continuity of their businesses and understood the importance of cloud. Now in the changing times, we have been busier than ever, all possible with the cloud. We work completely remotely with meetings via Zoom and tasks delegated via Intuit QuickBooks Online Accountant.. Employee performance has even improved.”

This brief introduction to moving to the cloud was provided by Nadine Chetty, co-founder of Ecomm Accounting Solutions and Intuit QuickBooks Online trainer and writer.

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