OECD reports on the taxation of personal savings and wealth to support inclusive growth

Apr 09, 2018

The OECD is about to publish two reports which assess how governments are using the taxation of personal savings and wealth.  The reports will also offer recommendations for more effective and more efficient tax policy.

Taxation of Household Savings report provides a detailed review of savings taxation policy in OECD countries along with five key partner countries.  The report examines the different approaches that countries take to taxing household savings, and assess the impact of taxation on savings behaviour.

The Role and Design of Net Wealth Taxes report examines how wealth taxes are currently used across the OECD. The report provides a number of practical tax policy recommendations regarding wealth taxes.

The reports will be released at 9:00 GMT / 05:00 EST on Thursday 12 April.  Further details are available on the OECD’s website.