OECD update on offshore tax evasion

Jul 06, 2020

In a recent update published by the OECD on the fight against offshore tax evasion, it outlined that nearly 100 countries carried out automatic exchange of information in 2019, enabling their tax authorities to obtain data on 84 million financial accounts held offshore by their residents, covering total assets of EUR 10 trillion.  

This is a significant increase on 2018 where information on 47 million financial accounts was exchanged, representing EUR 5 trillion. The growth stems from an increase in the number of jurisdictions receiving information as well as a wider scope of information exchanged. 

The increase in exchanged information stems from the Common Reporting Standard requires countries and jurisdictions to exchange financial account information from non-residents obtained from their financial institutions automatically on an annual basis, reducing the possibility for offshore tax evasion.  

For more information read the OECD’s update