PAYE Modernisation is coming to town: how to stay off Revenue's naughty list (Sponsored)

Dec 05, 2018

The Christmas party season is in full swing - don’t forget about your secret Santa! Even more importantly, don’t forget about the new PAYE legislation that will come into effect in a few short weeks. From 1 January 2019, all employers must comply with PAYE Modernisation.

PAYE Modernisation will change how payroll information is reported to Revenue. Every time an employee is paid, a file will need to be submitted to Revenue containing details of employee payments and deductions. With penalties and fines for employers who do not comply with their new PAYE obligations, it is important that all employers and payroll bureaus are prepared for PAYE Modernisation before the January deadline.

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Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to PAYE Modernisation for Employers

PAYE-modernsation-employersDownload your free copy of Thesaurus Software’s PAYE Modernisation guide for employers. In this guide, we discuss how the new legislation will affect your business and what your real time reporting obligations will be to Revenue going forward.

PAYE Modernisation with BrightPay

BrightPay is created by Thesaurus Software, the number one payroll software provider in Ireland. With more than 20 years’ experience, our products are used to process payroll for over 125,000 businesses across Ireland and the UK. BrightPay recently won the Payroll Software of the Year 2018 award at this year’s Accounting Excellence awards.

With an impressive 99% customer satisfaction rating, their customers can rest assured that all required functionality is catered for. They have worked and will continue to work directly with Revenue to ensure our payroll software is fully PAYE Modernisation compatible.

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This article is sponsored by Thesaurus Software.