Planned Revenue Online Service developments

Mar 16, 2020

At a meeting of TALC Collection recently Revenue told us about the planned Revenue Online Service (ROS) updates scheduled for release in April.   The updates address some of the service improvements members have asked for, such as; an indicator of the VAT basis of accounting on the ROS record, ability the change an agent or client’s address  and a corporate tax offset function for the Form CT1.    

The Form CT1 2020 is due to be released early next month (6 April). The change in accounting period option on the Form CT1 will be amended to include new fields, this is expected to clarify how to notify of the change in accounting period.   

The RCT bulk rate review scheduled for later this month is now suspended.   

Revenue subsequently provided us with a copy of slides which summaries the planned ROS updates.  The slides are available here.