Preliminary End of Year Statements statistics

Jan 15, 2021

Revenue published statistics on PAYE Preliminary End of Year Statements which issued overnight to all PAYE taxpayers’ MyAccount facility on ROS.  The statistics show that approximately 419,000 recipients of the TWSS and PUP have tax liabilities, of which 126,000 owe more than €1,000.  Taxpayers in refund positions must file an income tax return to access the refund and we understand that Revenue will be writing on a phased basis to those in tax payment positions encouraging them to file a tax return. 

Revenue’s press release notes that 50,000 TWSS recipients do not have TWSS details stated on their Preliminary End of Year Statements because their employer is one of 5,600 employers who have not submitted TWSS reconciliations due to Revenue on 31 October 2020.  Revenue will seek a repayment of the subsidies paid out if the employers do not submit the reconciliations. 

See here for full details of the Preliminary End of Year statistics.