Public Policy Bulletin, 16 September 2019

Sep 16, 2019

In this week’s bulletin, read about the European Central Bank’s efforts to kick start the Eurozone economy. Also, read about the recently published study reporting Ireland’s gender pension gap.

European Central Bank announces measures to boost Eurozone economy

Reported last week, the European Central Bank has announced a new stimulus package to boost Eurozone recovery in the face of an ongoing US-China trade war and possible disruption from Brexit. The boost comes in the form of reduced deposit rates, to encourage banks to lend to consumers and businesses. It has also been promised that rates would stay low for longer and bond purchases would restart at a rate of €20 billion a month from 1 November.  

“Ireland has a gender pension gap of 35 per cent”, reports newly published study

Recently published study – Gender, Pensions and Income in Retirement – has reported a gender pension gap of 35 per cent in Ireland. Carried out as part of a programme of research at the Economic and Social Research institute (ESRI) funded by the Pensions Council, the study has examined key dimensions of the policy debate around gender and pensions in Ireland, income poverty, and financial decision-making. The study has also shown that 55 per cent of men had supplementary pensions beyond the State pension in comparison to only 28 per cent of women.

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