Queries re the Wage Subsidy Scheme 02/04/2020

Apr 02, 2020
We are receiving a high volume of queries regarding the Wage Subsidy Scheme and also other tax matters arising from the impacts of COVID-19, due to the issues showing up and the changes made by Revenue to the administration of the tax system.  We are endeavouring to respond to the volume of queries and engage with Revenue while also keep up to date on the changes.  
Please note that we continue to contact Revenue regularly at a high level on all tax matters relating to Covid-19. We are requesting clarification on a number of issues raised by members.  We have also requested clarification from Revenue on a number of further issues raised on the Wage Subsidy Scheme.  
We understand the difficulties and confusion for members, particularly those involved in payroll processing and related services.   We are working to obtain timely clarifications and as we receive relevant updates we are advising all people via the appropriate channels.  
Please check in regularly on the COVID-19 Hub for latest updates.