Read the latest on the Agent Forum, 22 March 2021

Mar 22, 2021

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All agents, who are a member of a professional body, are invited to join HMRC’s Agent Forum. This dedicated Agent Forum is hosted in a private area within the HMRC’s Online Taxpayer Forum. You can interact with other agents and HMRC experts to discuss topical issues and processes.

HMRC’s latest update on the agent forum is also available.

Agent Forum (AF)

As at the end of January 2020 the Forum had 1372 registered subscribers including Professional Bodies, which now exceeds the amount of 1229 users signed up to its predecessor forum. We are separately inviting various customer groups with Capital Gains payment liabilities or Trust registration responsibilities to HMRC; the Law Society and Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEPS) amongst them. Registrations have exceeded the levels of its former platform and will continue to grow as new Agents are invited to register as part of their email Agent journey. Participation and issues traffic are also increasing. We are also stepping up our recruitment of internal HMRC users. Thus far during 20/21 we have received 524 widespread issues, dealing with and closing 458 across all Heads of Duty. We continue to support agents and their clients through the COVID-19 crisis and have a live dedicated panel to deal with related issues and publish guidance for all associated schemes including the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) and Job Retention Scheme (JRS). We now also have two new boards, one for UK transition and one for Self-Assessment 2021. We have in conjunction with our Issues Overview Group (IOG) stakeholder colleagues, put in place procedures to identify high priority widespread issues to be taken forward for resolution with our internal technical specialist and communications partners.  This is being monitored by the Agent Forum team and others. We continue building our internal HMRC Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) capability, formalising recruitment from across HMRC to improve the quality and timeliness of issue resolution responses and to focus on Agent Forum operations. Performance metrics thus far for 20/21 include over 35,500k forum views and 458 resolved topics since April 2020, which are all moderated daily with appropriate responses given, as determined by subject matter, related traffic generated, and referrals provided by line of business. We have reviewed our performance metrics to more effectively manage our live ‘aged cases’ portfolio, given we better understand new functionality provided by the MS Dynamics platform.  

 The Digital Customer Support Services (DCSS) Agent Team is staffed by a Service Manager and 3.5 FTE Moderators, having been joined by 2 new staff at the beginning of January, who moderate and run the forum.”