Reforming the Institute’s regulatory governance structures

Jun 05, 2020

At its meeting on 22nd May 2020, the Institute Council consented to the merging of the responsibilities of the Regulatory Policy Board and the Chartered Accountants Regulatory Board (CARB) into a single Board – the Professional Standards Board (‘the PSB’).

The PSB will assume responsibility for the development and approval of relevant Bye-laws, Regulations, and associated policies and guidance which underpin the Institute’s regulatory and disciplinary obligations and for oversight of the Professional Standard Department.  This move marks the end of the process of reforming the Institute’s regulatory governance structures to reflect changes in responses to changes in the external environment govern regulation of the profession.

Over the coming weeks and months, changes will be made to the PSD pages of the Institute website and documentation to reflect these changes.

The Regulatory Policy Board and CARB Board have now ceased, with the new PSB commencing on 22nd May 2020.