Representation by the CCAB-I on technical problems with ROS

Dec 14, 2020

The CCAB-I made representations to Revenue last Monday and at Main TALC last Tuesday about ROS technical issues on Friday 4th December and Monday 6th December. We emphasised how crucial it is that ROS is fully operational for taxpayers and their accountants working on the income tax deadline.  Revenue acknowledged that ROS had performance issues and a system restart on Monday appears to have corrected the issue. Revenue assured us that the technical performance of ROS was a top priority, and the system was being closely monitored. 

As of Tuesday 8th December, 448,000 Form 11s were filed with a value of €1.71billion.  It is expected that the number of tax returns filed by the deadline will exceed the number of tax returns filed in 2019 which came in at a total of 536,760. 

Revenue acknowledged the on-going efforts of taxpayers and agents on announcing the extension of the deadline to 6pm Friday 11th December.