Revenue Chairman interviewed on COVID-19

Jul 06, 2020

Chairman of the Revenue Commissioners, Niall Cody in an interview published by The Currency last week spoke about COVID-19 measures, multinational tax structures and the Revenue’s battle against tax avoidance.

Mr Cody spoke about implementing the TWSS and the decision to engage all employers availing of the scheme in a compliance check, he noted:

“While we will be engaging with all employers in receipt of it, we actually expect that once we get a reply, that there’ll be no need for follow up for most of those cases.”

In relation to Revenue’s support for the SME sector during COVID-19, Mr Cody detailed that the debt warehousing scheme,

“… is why maybe some businesses haven’t gone looking for loans in the short-term – because here is a practical measure which is zero-rate interest. “

The full interview can be read on The Currency website.