Revenue Online Service (ROS) Enhancements, 14 April 2020

Apr 14, 2020

Taxpayers and agents can now update correspondence addresses on ROS. This new functionality is part of the recent enhancements to the Revenue Online Service.   

The enhancements follow engagement with Revenue at the TALC MyEnquiries subgroup on members’ requests for common tasks to be available on ROS. The enhancements include:  

  • New functionality in ROS to allow taxpayers and/or agents to update addresses. Companies can also use this facility but must also inform the Companies Registration Office (CRO) of the address change.  

  • The Revenue Record (Inbox) layout has been updated to include additional information on the VAT taxhead; to show the basis of accounting which is either Cash or Invoice.   

For more detail read eBrief No.058/20 and the relevant Tax and Duty Manual which can be found here.   

Revenue told us that the corporation tax offset facility will be released later as the development proved to be more difficult than first anticipated. Revenue don’t have an exact date for this release but expect to have it in place by June.