Revenue outline supports for pay and file deadline

Nov 16, 2020

In eBrief No. 203/20, Revenue sets out extra supports in place in the days leading up to the 10 December income tax deadlines.  The ROS Technical Helpdesk and Collector General’s Division (including ROS Payment Support) will operate extended hours of business from 8 December.  For assistance with making payments on ROS, Revenue advise taxpayers to forward queries through MyEnquiries. In the eBrief, Revenue also sets out how taxpayers can access the income tax debt warehousing scheme and the conditions for the 3 percent phased payment arrangement for underpaid 2019 preliminary income tax. 

The ROS Technical Helpdesk provides support to customers experiencing technical difficulties accessing Revenue’s ROS service. Technical difficulties include difficulties relating to Digital Certificates, accessing ROS and ROS system errors. This Helpdesk service is unable to assist with taxation related queries. For contact information on such queries see the Contact Us details on the Revenue website.

The Helpdesk can be contacted through MyEnquiries, and (01) 73 83 699 (callers from abroad: +353 1 73 83 699).

In order to qualify for the 3 percent phased payment arrangement on underpaid preliminary tax 2019, the customer must have a minimum reduction of 25 percent in their 2020 income compared to the 2019 income and should have the return filed in time to complete a PPA by 10 December. 

For full details on ROS supports and the income tax debt warehousing scheme see eBrief No. 203/20