Revenue’s “useful tips manual” includes information on debt warehousing

Nov 23, 2020

Revenue updated the Tax and Duty Manual (TDM) – ROS Pay and File useful Tips. The updates include information on checking the box in the online version of the Statement of Net Liabilities (SNL) for taxpayers seeking to access the warehousing scheme for outstanding income tax liabilities. It also provides information on accessing a reduced rate phased payment arrangement (PPA) for 2019 income tax liabilities for taxpayers who underpaid their 2019 preliminary tax, as well as clarifying that the payment legend on the Letter of Acknowledgement does not reflect liabilities included in the debt warehousing or PPA.

TDM Part 38-06-01a - ROS Pay and File useful Tips - has been updated to include information on:

  • debt warehousing, including changes to the Statement of Net Liabilities (SNL) (sections 7.5, 7.6 and 7.7);
  • display error in the Calculate screen in ROS (section 8.9); and
  • extended ROS Technical Helpdesk opening hours (section 9).

Revenue are reminding filers that the extended deadline of 10 December 2020 is fast approaching. It is important that the necessary steps are taken now for either ROS registration, return filing, paying any liabilities due or, making contact with the Collector General's Office in order to ensure that the Pay and File obligations are met by the extended deadline.

For more information see Revenue eBrief No.205/20.