Silver linings from COVID cloud in China

Jun 30, 2020

I was home with my family when we were told to limit travel and hold off coming back to the office. What I recall the most about the lockdown? Probably my mother’s delight to hear that I got to work from home and would get to spend more time with her! 

Making the best of it

The extra time at home was very enjoyable as I work in a very far away city and normally only get to see my family twice a year.
It was a pity though we had to cancel all festive visits to relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year which happened during this time. We called each other instead and wished everyone good health. Everyone knew that they should not gather and wore masks, people queued with a good distance between each other. My personal experience of all these measures was that everything was in fact so much more orderly! There goes the old saying there is a silver lining to every cloud. 

Challenges, constraints and compromises

Of course it was not without challenges, for example we could not go to our favourite restaurants and I had to cook sometimes which I have never been good at! The good side was that we could basically buy anything using our phone and delivery was still very efficient. To avoid meeting the delivery person face to face, designated drop off points were set up.
In terms of working remotely, it did not bring too much trouble. We were all well-equipped, everyone was setup with WebEx. It was very good to catch up with the team and knowing everyone was well and safe. To be able to adapt quickly under these challenges and get the job done is what makes us Chartered Accountants different.   

To me social distancing did not push people apart; rather I have seen people put in so much thought and care for each other. We will come out of this stronger and I wish everyone and their family the very best.

Jesse Hu - Finance Controller - Otis Electric - China