Stage two of the TWSS reconciliation process

Mar 22, 2021

Revenue noted at a recent TALC meeting that it plans to launch the next stage of the TWSS reconciliation process on the week commencing 22 March 2021, whereby employers will get access to detailed TWSS reconciliation information through ROS. Employers have until the end of June 2021 to review the information provided by Revenue. Further Revenue guidance on Stage two of the TWSS reconciliation process is expected to issue in the coming days.

Revenue’s website confirms that by 30 June 2021, an employer can:

  • Accept the reconciliation calculation in ROS
  • Make corrections to payslips if necessary
  • Make an enquiry through MyEnquiries

Once the reconciliation calculation has been accepted, a Statement of Account will be sent to the employer’s ROS inbox. Employers will then be required to repay any amount owed to Revenue, or an additional amount due from Revenue will be paid out to the employer.