The latest Agent Update and Employer Bulletins

Mar 01, 2021

Agent Update: issue 82 is now available and contains the latest guidance and information for tax agents and advisers. The next Agent Update is scheduled for April‌‌ 2021. The February 2021 Employer Bulletin, the bi-monthly update for employers and agents giving up-to-date information on payroll topics, is also available.

This edition of Agent Update includes:

  • The CJRS;
  • postponed VAT accounting;
  • National Insurance holiday for employers of veterans; and
  • ·new National Minimum Wage rates and more.

You may notice a different look and feel to this edition; this is due to changes in the way the Update is published to enable HMRC to meet the requirements of the Public Sector Accessibility Regulations.

Future editions of both the Employer Bulletin, and the Agent Update, will be published in HTML format following the 2018 Legislation Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations.

What does this mean for readers?

  • The look of the Employer Bulletin will have changed and will look like a GOV.UK page;
  • It will be fully accessible for everyone with clear headings and full access for the visually impaired who may use screen readers;
  • Links will be more active to ensure that there is seamless journey to what you need to do;
  • There will still be the option to print the bulletin; and
  • The writing style will be the same.

HMRC is seeking your feedback on the new style bulletins.