This weeks updates to Tax and Duty Manuals

Oct 22, 2018

In the past week, Revenue has made the following changes to some of its Tax and Duty Manuals:

  • The Irish Real Estate Fund (IREF) Guidance Notes are updated to include reference to the new regulations that require IREFs to file annual financial statements electronically with Revenue.
  • The guidance notes on Knowledge Development Box (KDB) have been updated to take account of the passing of the KDB (Certification of Inventions) Act 2017. The notes now also explain the impact on KDB claims of incorporating an Irish branch into an Irish subsidiary. 
  • Part 7 of Revenue’s original Stamp Duty manual has been updated by removing section 81AA TCA 1997 (transfers of land to young trained farmers). This section is now published in the new 'replacement' Stamp Duty manual. The replacement manual will gradually supersede the existing Stamp Duty manual as material is reviewed and updated and as new material is available for publication.