Today is the start of the rest of your life.

Oct 17, 2018


As a guidance counsellor in school used to say – every day is the beginning of the rest of your life, at the time I didn’t appreciate what she meant but now see that yes every day has the potential to be the start of a journey.

About now you may be either starting your Chartered Accountancy journey and have the next three to four years of experience, study and development ahead of you with all of the exciting opportunities and challenges that it brings or indeed returning for another year of education within the Institute.  

The Career Development & Recruitment Service is available to all qualified members but will be supporting you throughout your journey.  Regardless of where you are in your journey, here are some suggestions on how to maximise your success in the year ahead:

  • Get as much experience as possible – not just in your chosen field but outside the box too
  • Volunteer for as many projects or secondments as you can take on
  • Begin to look at your peers not just as colleagues and classmates but your future network
  • When you are doing something that you love and enjoy – make a note of it
  • Maintain your Chartered Accountants diary on a regular basis – keep it up to date
  • Try to balance your work, study and hobbies – easier said than done but vital long term
  • If you have just realised that what you are doing isn’t for you – take action
  • Can you move – ask your partner/manager
  • Can you be seconded elsewhere for a chance to get exposure to other elements
  • If neither is an option research the roles are out there in the marketplace
  • Can this experience but used as a stepping stone to something else
  • Is there an element of what you are currently committed to that you can do differently
  • Identify a mentor at whatever stage you are at – always have the future in mind
  • Try to carve out a unique selling point for yourself – it’s okay to stand out from the crowd
  • On a regular basis tap in to see what’s happening in the market - stay relevant
  • Read business updates, journals and generally stay aware of the movers and shakers in business
  • Where you are attracted to a particular sector - keep a list of company names within that sector
  • Attend networking events such as CASSI & Young Professionals or join their committees
  • Use all of the services available to you in the Institute

As with any suggestions or recommendations they are there as guidelines and as a framework to help you construct your own career plan.  There is more support on hand at :

We wish you the best of luck with your endeavors. 

Ciara Tallon, is a Career Coach & Recruitment Specialist with the Career Development & Recruitment Service of Chartered Accountants Ireland.