UK government Guidance - January 2021

Jan 13, 2021

The Institute has been working with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy to help prepare UK businesses for the transition to the new trading rules.  The Department has issued guidance and tools to help.

As a first step, businesses should visit where they can use the checker tool to quickly identify the actions that each business needs to take. The checker tool will ask questions about the business and provide all the information they need to be aware of, such as new rules on:

Businesses and their advisors can help prepare for the new rules by using a number of support mechanisms provided by the Government:

  • Sign up to receive updates on the specific actions you need to take once you’ve used the checker tool at
  • Business actions by topic, support and guidance
  • Top five action lists for 10 sectors
  • Sign up to receive the regular Business Readiness Transition Bulletin – an email newsletter providing information on major announcements and recently published guidance
  • Training Webinars –webinars designed to help business advisors to understand the key messages for businesses to prepare for the end of the Transition Period. Following the event, materials (including a script and presentation) are sent to attendees so they can use these resources in any discussions they may have with their members, clients and networks. More information on these webinars will be released in due course.