Ulster Society Private Medical Scheme

May 11, 2020

PHC has been working closely with the Ulster Society and Towergate Health & Protection to offer Ulster Society members preferential terms on a comprehensive range of healthcare products. It’s now up for renewal and new members can join and benefit from this valuable offer.

PHC’s insurance is underwritten by AXA PPP, the second largest private medical insurer in the UK. Their whole philosophy is built around being different, responsive and agile to meet the often complex health insurance needs of their customers. They focus on providing high quality insurance to its customers and we’re extremely happy to be partnering with them again for the next contract year.

Some of the benefits available to you if you elect for PHC health insurance include:

  • Medical History Disregarded (MHD) underwriting, previous medical conditions are automatically covered under the plan when you join the plan between the 1st June and the 1st July. A pre-existing conditions exclusion will only apply for cancer. If you are receiving active treatment for cancer or have recently been diagnosed with cancer, private treatment will not be covered.
  • Plans can be tailored to meet individual budgets.
  • Avoid NHS waiting times for accessing medical treatment, a fast track appointment service is included as standard.
  • Unlimited out-patient cover is included for consultancy fee’s, scans, and diagnostic tests across all plans. In-patient treatment and day case surgery are also covered in full.
  • 24/7 access to a counselling support service is included across all plans.
  • A comprehensive range of Private and NHS hospitals across the UK are available for treatment.
  • Instant referral service for Musculoskeletal & mental health treatment.
  • Your individual plan will be part of a ‘pooled’ arrangement with other members. All premiums and claims are pooled together to help determine your renewal premium.

The Society is delighted to offer these terms to its members through PHC and if you would like to find out more on the available plans and prices, please contact Towergate Health & Protection as soon as possible. 

To find out more, please contact Towergate Health & Protection by emailing info_health@towergate.co.uk or complete and return the Ulster Society Medical Scheme Application 2020 form